Show & Tell: San Francisco

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Show & Tell: An event masked as a class masked as a party masked as an opportunity to meet brilliant, curious, and wonderful folks in your local community. We'll have three (3) remarkable folks teaching three (3) awesome topics in less than five (5) minutes each.

1. Turn Your Ideas Into Movies with Sunil Rajaraman (CEO and Co-Founder of

Run through how an idea turns from a screenplay to a movie. From how a writer gets an agent, to how financing is raised, to how a movie ultimately gets distribution.

2. PR That Doesn't Suck: a 5-minute tutorial with Elliot Tomaeno (Director of Communications at Enloop)

If do-it-yourself PR is something that you are thinking about, this 5-minute tutorial will help you understand some simple tactics and tenets of PR with a focus on what you can do on your own and some tips on how to make sure that you don't make any serious PR gaffs that could do more damage than good. This quick lesson will set you up to conduct "PR that doesn't suck"!

3. Learn Any Language with Eric Meltzer (Partner at design gang Wheat Pond King Fir)

This quick lesson will teach anyone that they can learn any language to an astonishing degree of fluency rapidly.

Yes, we'll be geeking out over education and learning. And yes, we'll be showcasing awesome, fascinating, funny, and mind-expanding content. So, come quench your thirst for knowledge, learning, and of course, drinks!

Hosted by the SF Skillshare Community Ambassadors Katie Johnson & Laura Mulhammer. Holla.

  • Show & Tell: San Francisco


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Learn anything from anyone
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