Show & Tell: Philadelphia

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Philadelphia Skillshareans, you have spoken! After hundreds of sign ups, tweets, and FB Likes, the Learning Revolution is coming to the City of Brotherly Love. This calls for a celebration, a.k.a., the Skillshare Show & Tell Launch Party.

Join us at the Field House on August 16, as individuals from all industries across the Philadelphia area come to network, brainstorm, and geek out over education and learning. And, yes, we'll be featuring some awesome, fascinating, funny, and mind-expanding content through 3 rapid Skillshare classes, including photography and how to get over a break up!

So, come quench your thirst for knowledge, learning, and of course, drinks!

Hosted by the Skillshare Team & represented by the awesome Special Ops and Community Ambassadors in your hood. Holla.

Community Organizers: John Young & Brendan Lowry

  • Show & Tell: Philadelphia


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Learn anything from anyone

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