Show & Tell: New York

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Show & Tell: A quarterly event masked as a class masked as a party masked as an opportunity to meet brilliant, curious, and wonderful folks in your local community. We'll have three (3) remarkable folks teaching three (3) awesome topics in less than five (5) minutes each.


1. Erin Barnes, ioby Co-Founder, teaching Greening Your Apt. This Summer

2. Allie Mahler, ESL Teacher and Skillshare Community Ambassador, teaching Take a Breather: Slow Down and Stretch Out

3. PlanIt Brooklyn (Ashley & Sallome), teaching The 4G Network: A Lesson in the Power of Gratitude

4. Lauren Glucksman of The Family Records teaches how to make the most of outdoor summer concerts (they're finally here!)

Yes, we'll be geeking out over education and learning. And yes, we'll be showcasing awesome, fascinating, funny, and mind-expanding content. So, come quench your thirst for knowledge, learning, and of course, drinks!

Hosted by the Skillshare Team & represented by the awesome Community Ambassadors in your hood. Holla.

Community Organizer: Peter Boyce

Harvard student from NYC immersed in the world of technology & finance with a taste for fashion and restaurant-going.

  • Show & Tell: New York


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Learn anything from anyone
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