Show & Tell: Boston and Cambridge

, Learn anything from anyone

Show & Tell: A quarterly event masked as a class masked as a party masked as an opportunity to meet brilliant, curious, and wonderful folks in your local community. We'll have three (3) remarkable folks teaching three (3) awesome topics in less than five (5) minutes each.

Featured Topics:

How to Get to Inbox Zero, Everyday Navigation Hacks, and How to Accelerate Your Startup

Yes, we'll be geeking out over education and learning. And yes, we'll be showcasing awesome, fascinating, funny, and mind-expanding content. So, come quench your thirst for knowledge, learning, and of course, drinks!

Hosted by the Skillshare Team & represented by the awesome Community Ambassadors in your hood. Holla.

Community Organizers: Hugo Van Vuuren, Jessica Lin, Yoon Lee, Peter Boyce

  • Show & Tell: Boston and Cambridge


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Learn anything from anyone

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