Shooting a Nerf Gun can open up your creative side!?

As an entrepreneur you need to be able to build a strong marketing strategy that is efficient and most importantly low cost for your business. Coming up with these strategies can be difficult and require you to think outside of the box. Going back to your child hood can help bring some of your creative spark back and develop viral campaigns that will differentiate your business from the rest. Come to class with the thought of one toy, whether past or present, that you think is innovative or unique. Here's some help, remember Furby? A creepy stuffed gremlin that spoke back to you yet sold millions on the toy market in the United States.
  • Shooting a Nerf Gun can open up your creative side!?


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Kjhkjhkjhjk K.

Entrepreneur for over three years now, I have developed many unique and out of the box marketing strategies for startups and actual businesses. These guerrilla marketing tactics have been developed for night clubs, social networks, clothing lines and more. I
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