Secrets to a Stylish and Streamlined Small Space

, Co-Founder, Stonecutter Spirits

UPDATE: We are the inaugural Skillshare class to take place at the stylish CultureFix LES gallery and bar! It's the perfect location to study good design and crafty use of space.

Sick of feeling like your apartment has the potential to be a palace, but feels like a cave? Join professional organizer and clutter guru Sarah “Sas” Stewart as she walks you through the top secrets to creating a clutter-free and productive space in your home or office.

A specialist in designing small areas, Sas will walk you through the steps of assessing your space, defining your style, and utilizing space and money saving solutions in your own apartment. Learn how to create a "room" within a room, find storage in seemingly impossible places and make your favorite piece of art the focal point of your space.

Participants are encouraged to come prepared with questions about their own space for an open forum following the class. (Pictures always welcomed.)

  • Secrets to a Stylish and Streamlined Small Space


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Sarah "Sas" Stewart

Co-Founder, Stonecutter Spirits
Sas has spent the last several years consulting to private individuals and small businesses on how to get the most from New York City spaces. She is also obsessed with the card game Euchre, and hosts regular parties to celebrate the Midwest game.
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