School of You: Tools to Help You Build Your Own Learning Path

, Community Manager at ShowMe

Even though it may have been years since you were in the classroom, you still have that same sense of excitement and urgency to investigate and understand a subject to keep your brain sharp. Learning something new is always fun, inspiring, and most importantly, good for you!

With loads of great tools like Skillshare, Quora, ShowMe, Veri (and many more!), having access to great teachers doesn't have to involve picking the right school or living in the right place. You just need to know where to look!

In this class, we'll discuss how to set learning goals, the great tools that are available to help you meet these goals, and how each tool will help get you started on your learning path!

  • School of You: Tools to Help You Build Your Own Learning Path


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Kika Gilbert

Community Manager at ShowMe

Kika Gilbert is a Community Manager at ShowMe, an edtech start up that is changing the way people learn. ShowMe has millions of lessons (1.5 to be exact) uploaded to the community, all taught by great teachers from across the globe. She talks to teachers and students all day long and is constantly dreaming up new ways to change education.

Brien Colwell is an engineer at Quora, the site that connects you to everything you want to know about.  Before moving to Palo Alto, he wrangled data and visualizations, worked in an HCI lab, and at Palantir. He graduated from UC Berkeley EECS. He's also an artist!

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