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With Reboot Workshop you'll learn how to build a business that doesn't suck in a day-long event with, presentations, break out sessions and Q&A with subject-matter experts. It's a day of group discussions and focused help with lunch included! As well as a raffle for consulting help and additional goodies

The workplace is drastically changing. A December survey showed that a whopping 84% of people planned on leaving their job in 2012, up from 60% just two years ago. Some will look for more pay. Others will look for a better opportunity. But a growing number of passionate workers will strike out on their own, abandoning the safe corporate life to pursue a side project or dream that has been burning inside them.

Living outside of a 9 – 5 workday is like a dream to some but comes with its set of challenges. Reboot Workshop is a day-long, unconference built in a hybrid format for startups, freelancers and business owners (and those aspiring to be) who face these unique challenges every day.

See ignite-style presentations in areas like accounting, marketing, bookkeeping, law, non-profits, social enterprise, technology. Work with experts in camp-style breakout sessions. Network with those in your field as well as those in complementing fields. Be a mentor and inspiration for others.

Presentations and Group Sessions With

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Lauryn Ballesteros - Sales/MarketingSquidoo
Julia Cheng - Law, Founder CyberlawStudio Pllc
Shana Dressler - Social Innovators Collective
Gina Noy - CPA, Noy Taxes
Amy Schroeder - CEO, DIYBusiness Association
Steven Tartick - Director of Online Marketing, Davenport Theatrical
Helen Todd - CEO, Sociality Squared
Jonathan Wegener - Founder, Timehop

Group Sessions With

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Ruthie Ackerman - Director of Programs at The OpEd Project
Martha Denton - Presentation Coach, The Presentation School
Allie Mahler- Be Social Change
Steven Morrison - Creator, Spiritual Workout™

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About the Organizers


About the Organizers

Nate Cooper Pedestrian Consulting, Founder Reboot Nation

Jim Hopkinson Hopkinson Creative Media, Founder Reboot Nation




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