Read Faster and Stop Subvocalization (saying words in your head)

, Co-Founder @ Iris Univerisity

Are you saying words in your head as you read? Wondering why that happens? Come and find out why this slows you down and how you can stop it.


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What You'll Learn in this 90-min Brain Workout:

  1. How you can silence your inner voice and read like a speed reader
  2. How you can train your brain to visualize books and articles as you read them( Einstein visualization technique)
  3. How you can shift your mental reading process from "see->say->understand" to just "see->understand".


  • Read Faster and Stop Subvocalization (saying words in your head)


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    By the end of the class, you will immerse yourself in reading using visual reading strategies. As a bonus, you'll experience a boost in your overall brain activity and have more contemplative thinking caused by small neuro-chemoical changes in the brain.


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Katya Seberson

Co-Founder @ Iris Univerisity

You may have a floordrobe, but I have a bed-brary. And all of my books have Mindmaps in them. I use Mindmaps extensively and in a VERY original way that makes reading and planning more interactive and fun.

Total number of people trained by Katya well surpasses 10,000. She appeared as guest speaker at Fortune 100 corporations like HSBC, Google, Walmart, Barclays as well as  universities like Harvard, NYU, Columbia and Stanford to name a few. 

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