Pun Intended: Literary Devices Through Rap

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Rap is laden with tons of literary devices. These are tools of the trade for all writers. During this 90 minute hands on session you will learn how to write with the wit of Jay-Z. You will learn the 'nyms' with Nikki Minaj. Similes and metaphors from Eminem. Puns and hyperboles from Kanye West. Allegory and allusion with Lil Wayne. And personification with Nas.

Whether you are an educator looking for innovative lesson plans, parents seeking to understand the art form, an aspiring rapper, burgeoning writer, spoken word artist, or just someone who loves to analyze rap lyrics, Pun Intended is a great way to learn a new skill and have fun.

  • Pun Intended: Literary Devices Through Rap


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Chris Kazi Rolle

Entertainer, Educator & Entrepreneur

Chris Kazi Rolle is a certified relationship coach, host of The Convo Starter, a weekly web series providing solutions for a modern dating and relationships challenges, and, the founder of Together Apart, a relationship academy for cultured and sopisticaed singles and couples.

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