Public Speaking 102: Stand up and take the podium

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Whether we are pitching our start-up to investors or representing our company at a conference, or giving a toast at our best friend’s wedding we are all often asked to stand up and speak publically in our daily lives. More often that not they are speeches where we want to inspire people, to motivate them and convince them. They are speeches where the pressure is on to be at our best.

So how do you become a great pubic speaker? Just like most techniques we learn, you become an expert through practice and constant improvement.

In my first class, ‘How to Deliver a Ted worthy speech’, I introduced 10 basic concepts for creating a passionate, sticky and compelling speech. This workshop builds upon that first class and offers you the chance to practice a 2-3 minute speech in a supportive and constructive Skillshare classroom.

Previous participation in the level 1 class (‘How to Deliver a Ted-worthy Speech’) is recommended but it is by no means required and this class is open to anyone who wants to practice their public speaking.

In the beginning of the class I will briefly give everyone some key pointers and then the floor will be open for each person to present their prepared 2-3 minute speech. I am deliberately keeping this class small so that everyone will be given the chance to speak. The final third will be a chance for me to give feedback and encouragement as well as a time for the students to speak to each other about their take on the various speeches.

You will leave feeling confident and armed with lots of ideas for future improvement.

Bring: A 2-3 minute speech on any topic to be presented in the class.

  • Public Speaking 102: Stand up and take the podium


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Katherine Preston

Author and Public Speaker
I'm a freelance journalist, writer, blogger and motivational public speaker. Having spent two years travelling around America for a book on stuttering I learnt a great deal about what it means to have a compelling and interesting voice. As someone who has overcome my own fears of public speaking I can help others do the same.
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