Poker Lessons: Learn Strategy and Outwit Your Friends

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In this class we will utilize our understanding of fundamentals/concept of a hand range and begin developing an "optimal" preflop strategy, focusing on adjustments to our opponents and game-type.

If anyone knows a place with a whiteboard - please e-mail me.

This class is no longer free. Half of the registration fee will go towards a tournament that I will organize for all the students at the end of June. Everyone can play, have fun, apply the things we have learned and win money in the process.  The remainder is meant to incentivize people to  show up.


Classes will vary depending on preferences, level of interest, and most importantly, everyone's experience and understanding of the game. The latter is crucial and will ultimately determine which topics are covered. I am open to suggestions and will be happy to discuss any topic for No-limit, Limit, or Pot-Limit Omaha. E-mail me or message me what interests you the most and we'll go from there. Apart from topics that deal with psychology, off-the-table advice, and general approach to the game, classes will be a combination of theory (strategy) and practice via analysis of specific hands.

We can talk about literary anything that is on your mind or I can come prepared with concepts/hand examples and we'll take it from there. Below is a list of topics that we can use as a jumping-off point. If some of the concepts below seem strange - absolutely no worries. 

Above all - what we touch on is entirely up to you. We can spend the entire hour discussing a hand that you played and I am confident that we can learn a ton from that.


MATH: hand combinations / probability and odds / fold equity and pot equity / expected value

TOURNAMENT STRATEGY (virtually everything listed below applies as well): stack sizes / bet-sizing / bubble play / gametheoretically optimal/unexploitative play

LIVE POKER: seat selection / tells / extracting information / table presence /

STRAT1: positional play / playing from the blinds / continuation bet / folding / reasons to bet

STRAT2: table image / adjusting to opponents / stack sizes / maximizing value versus weaker players / 3betting and playing in 3bet pots / squeeze / leading / check-raising / floating / raising / playing in unraised pots / double barreling / river play / bet-sizing / interpreting board textures / playing out of position / showdown value / non-showdown / importance of blockers / 

STRAT3: thinking outside the box/unorthodox play / aggression frequencies and triple barreling / exploitative and manipulative play / balance / over-betting / range estimation / playing/representing capped, naked and polarized range

STRAT4+MENTALITY: Independent hand analysis and strategy discussion / Mentality/Psychology / Dealing with variance / Table selection / Bankroll management / Online poker

  • Poker Lessons: Learn Strategy and Outwit Your Friends

    General Assembly

    902 Broadway, 4th floor conference room 1
    New York, NY

    Tue, April 17th, 2012

    8:00 pm - 9:00 pm EDT

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George Kurdin

Poker Lessons

Full-time consultant and part-time poker player working towards grad school. I started taking poker seriously in 2008 and moved up stakes to become a consistent winner (over 1.2mm hands played online). I've logged hundreds of hours in live cash games and played in a few big buy-in tournaments, including cashing in WSOP Main and final-tabling tournaments in Madrid, Moscow, and AC. I'd be happy to tell you more, but I would rather take this opportunity to explain why I am doing this. I think that poker is a phenomenal game of imperfect information. Depending on your opponents it can be incredibly complex and financially rewarding. I think most of us will agree that poker does not have a "good" reputation in our society and the recent online drama isn't helping. I hope that by offering free classes I can alter the perception of the public and of course, help you improve your game and win some money. A quick anecdote: From 2003 to 2004 I was a marginal loser and asked a high-stakes player, Kaleb, for a 1.5hr lesson. My mind exploded. Since then I had dozens of “aha moments”, met a number of interesting people, and established a second source of income. I would like you to experience the same.

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