Poker - How I Made Over $200,000 a Year Playing as a Pro

, Director of Operations at Bondsy. Former Pro Poker

"Great teacher, fun class, and very informative." - Eddie

"Josh is the man. He has done a great job condensing a ton of information into one very concise session. If you're a regular poker player, expect a significant ROI from this course." - Douglas W

"Wow, what a fun, informative class. If you ever plan on playing a game of Texas Hold Em for money or just want to learn more about something from a proven expert, this is class is a must. Josh knows his stuff and he draws upon personal experiences that help make his points resonate. Highly recommend." - Joe F

"Joshua was a good teacher and demonstrated his material very clearly. If you're looking to learn poker, his class would be a great starting point." - Eric S

So, you think you hang with the best?  Put your money where your mouth is!

Attend my class and  show me what you got.  I guarantee you will learn powerful poker techniques that will increase your winrate at any Texas Hold'em table!

What we'll discuss

  1. Overview of how to think about the game including:
    • Story telling
    • Ranges
    • Bet Sizing
    • Board Texture
    • Empathy
    • Planning
  2. Video watching to discuss two poker hands (e.g. what were the pro's thinking?)
  3. Hands dealt to discuss whatever comes up in a Q&A format

--Money Back Guarantee-- I'm very confident that you'll find the material valuable. However, if you don't find this information valuable and decide to leave, you can have a full refund for the class.

--This class will only run if I get a full class. Sorry, but it's a better class with more people. So please tell your friends if you sign up. Also, for the first few people, I can move around the dates, so feel free to message me if the date I picked isn't good...

You should know the basics (e.g. flush beats straight, etc.). If you don't know if your skill level is up to par, shoot me a question with your poker background. If I get enough interest for an absolute beginner class, I may teach that in the future.
  • Poker - How I Made Over $200,000 a Year Playing as a Pro

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Joshua Goldstein

Director of Operations at Bondsy. Former Pro Poker

I was a professional poker player for three years (2007-2010).  During that time, I traveled around the world, competing in some of the highest buyins and playing against some of the best players.

I played over 3 million hands during my time, devoting a large portion of my time to online play.  My notable live cashes include a second in a Spanish tournament in December 2009 for 120,000 euros and a first in a tournament in March 2010 for $30,000 and a Porsche.

I lived in Vegas over the summers, competing in the World Series of Poker.  I ran a poker fund, investing in other bright young poker players.  And, I coached heads-up cash game players at a rate of $350/hour.

For my live results, see:

For my poker blog, see:

My recent Quora post regarding poker:

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