Playing Superman, Saving Puppies, & Landing a Dream Job

, an eye out for the non-techies

Note: All proceeds to charity, help save puppies
Also: This is a (30 min.) standing class, no seats = no waste of time
Plus: free cupcake to the first 20 attending.

You've always wanted to do the impossible. Be a super man or wonder woman, but your ideas have only been a pie-in-the-sky dreams.

The Action Method helps organize your life in way that makes those dreams possible. Through organization, community, and leadership it shows you how to live with a bias toward action that leads to spectacular accomplishments. Whether it's performing an impossible task, creating your dream project, saving lives, or landing your dream job, the Action Method will help make your ideas happen.

This class is a behind the scenes look at how I rapidly adopted this method to:
  • bring in an awesome (truly awesome) teacher for Skillshare under an impossible deadline
  • saved the life of a puppy
  • raised hundreds for charity
  • and landed an interview for my dream job

I know what you're thinking. This guy just doesn't have a job. No. I'm doing it all while holding down a full-time job (working weekends) and taking care of other responsibilities. Superman. Scratch that. It's not me. It's you.

Truth is, you're the Superman or WonderWoman. It's in you already. And I can't do it all without you. Take action to help.

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  3. Talk about it throughout your day & week
  4. Tell me about an awesome skill or topic to learn
  5. Be a part of this community that saves Adele and other puppies through generous action
  • Playing Superman, Saving Puppies, & Landing a Dream Job


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    Coming Soon...

Hh U.

an eye out for the non-techies
To Do Lists and "Getting Things Done" never stuck. My life is creative, free flowing, and organic. Then I read the Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky and it all fit. See how in this insider's guide. The puppy is Adele from Animal Haven (pictured). I met her while standing outside on Broome St. waiting for a Skillshare class. Now I'm going all out to save her and others.
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