Pick Up Skills: Seducing Women

We will discuss the basics of picking up women in random settings and how to rid your fear of approaching them and engaging in fulfilling conversations with them that could potentially lead to a long lasting relationship, or a random night out ;). Everything from the way you dress, speak, posture, demonstrate high value and how to understand IOIs (indicators of interest) will be discussed.
  • Pick Up Skills: Seducing Women


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Dinis Passarinho

I have extensive experience in teaching friends to leave their comfort zones and approach extremely hot women they normally would never try. I love coaching people and explaining the female mindset to men so they can better understand them. I have done tons of reading on this topic and below are some of these reads and I will share tips from them and coach you one on one. Switch - Chip and Dan Heath Phone and Text Game Book - Braddock Beyond Words DVDs by Vercetti & Cajun Love Systems Interview Series Never Eat Alone - Keith Ferazzi Way of the Superior Man - David Deida Shantaram - Gregory David Roberts Atlas Shrugged - Ayn Rand
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