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When large studio flashes are too large, expensive, or simply not practical, small, portable strobes are often the best friend of many a photographer. This 90-minute class will teach you the nuts and bolts of using portable off-camera flashes to enhance your photography. The class will be very hands on, technical, and will focus on the mechanics and art of creating photographs using a small & portable strobe (flash) that is NOT attached to your camera. This class is not for those interested in learning how to use studio lights.

The class size will be very small and you have access to a variety of equipment to try out. You will learn the basics of equipment, technique, and quite a bit about lighting in general. Use of manual strobes & radio triggers will be covered, while more advanced TTL capable strobes & triggers will be excluded. Class will be held at my photo studio.

For those interested in pre-reading, a lot of these techniques owe their popularity to guys like David Hobby ( Think of this class as a hands-on crash course!

By the end of the class my hope is that you'll have:

1) Learned that your camera's built-in flash is only to be used in emergencies (or at the bar) 2) Realized that you don't need to spend $$$ in order use off-camera flash 3) Made some friends / taken a bunch of silly looking photos of your classmates

Requirements: Any digital camera that has a hot shoe.

Optional: A strobe unit: Nikon Speedlight / Canon Speedlite.

  • Photography: Small Flash 101


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Frank Wang


Frank Wang is a NYC based photographer, entrepreneur and coffee addict. His primary photographic specialties are portraiture, architecture, and avoiding paying $$$ for overpriced photo equipment. He is co-founder and partner at architectural and interior photography company Frame Photographics and owner of Soy Cafe in the West Village.

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