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Small changes to the wording of your requests can make them vastly more persuasive.

In this lab you'll practice changing hearts & minds (including your own). You will be selling, negotiating, and mentoring in a series of fun & insightful experiments designed to refine your understanding of motivation and influence.

Learning Outcomes:

- Ability to revise messages to make them become more influential

- Know how to use the CARLs persuasion formula

- Master the 3 chairs method

- Direct  practice with more compelling ways of talking, presenting, and working


*Note - This cass will have 30 participants. 3 tickets are available to skillshare members.

  • Persuasion Lab


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LifeLabs New York

LifeLabs New York

Teacher: LeeAnn Renninger, PhD

LeeAnn's interested in all kinds of things, from noticing patterns in the way New Yorkers part their hair, to the evolving shape of car headlights to look like facial expressions.

She has a PhD in Social Psychology/Urban Ethology from the University of Vienna, Austria, and a research specialization in interpersonal relations, particularly related to the perception  of success: in relationships, in making good decisions, at work, and at play.

Her second research specialization is in curriculum design for core competency training.

LeeAnn has lectured at Princeton, MIT, the University College London and the United Nations. She is a frequent keynote speaker and executive trainer to the leadership of Fortune 500 companies.

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