Omnivore: Nutrition Lessons From Anthropology

, Professor of Anthropology

In this class you will gain cross-cultural and holistic tips on healthy eating.  You will learn how diet and nutrition are linked to cultural practices and how the tendency to obesity and disease are historically and culturally based.  In this workshop class you will engage in activities and discussions that will hopefully help you gain useful insight into your own life as an omnivore and encourage you to improve your relationship with food, your body and your health.

A previous knowledge of anthropology and/or attendance in one of my other classes is helpful but not necessary.
  • Omnivore: Nutrition Lessons From Anthropology

    Newman Library

    151 East 25th Street
    New York, NY

    Tue, October 23rd, 2012

    6:00 pm - 7:30 pm EDT

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E. Burlingame

Professor of Anthropology

E. Burlingame is a medical anthropologist with fifteen years of research and teaching experience. She enjoys the challenge of translating the knowledge of anthropology into practical skills easily used in people's everyday lives. Follow her on Twitter -- Professor Burlingame

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Newman Library

151 East 25th Street

New York, NY

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