Not Your Average Stick Figure: how to draw the human body

From squares to circles to triangles, human bodies are made up of a whole bunch of shapes, and when you put them together in the right proportions, you somewhat-miraculously get pictures of beautiful, natural, unique people.

Come to this class to learn how to draw any human figure accurately and realistically. We'll cover proportion, perspective, mapping out your figure, shading, and other basic drawing essentials.

Come prepared with a photo of the person you want to draw - Brad Pitt, your great aunt...anyone!

  • Not Your Average Stick Figure: how to draw the human body


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Tali Leff

Tali pretty much always has a pen in her hand, whether she's doodling, sketching an architectural model, or planning out a mural. She's been drawing since she was a kid (the framed artwork on the walls of her childhood home are proof), led art projects and classes as a camp counselor, and is currently an Architecture student (merging her love for design, art, and math).
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