No Limit Hold'em: An Intro to Poker

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Introduction to Poker is a 3-hour, 1 day class design to teach you how to play the most popular variation of poker, no limit hold em. The class is designed for complete beginners. No knowledge of poker or other card games necessary! At the end of the class you will know how to play poker and should feel comfortable playing at a casino or home game.

HOW TO PLAY POKER: We take a very interactive approach to teaching poker. You will learn at a professional table with authentic chips, cards, and a dealer. You will also receive a laminated sheet that will contain everything we go over. You can use this sheet as reference during and after the class.

BASIC STRATEGY: We will give you some tips and discuss basic strategy so you may even start winning. Hopefully, you will use the strategies we show you at the end of the course where we have a tournament with real prizes for the winners.

TIPS & TRICKS: People always ask us how we do those cool tricks with the chips and cards, so we decided to spend some time with 3 of the most popular chip tricks. You will learn how to flip, push, and twirl your chips like a seasoned pro.

RULES, REGULATIONS, ETIQUETTE: You will be introduced to the various rules and regulations of poker and will have a better understanding of the rules then most experienced players. We will also go over the standard etiquette associated with poker so you feel comfortable and know exactly how to handle some tough situations that may come up at the table.

POKER LINGO: Limp, suck-out, river, turn, flop, runner-runner, push, shove, open-ended, gut-shot?? We will introduce you to some of the more popular poker phrases, so you can actually understand what’s going on at a home game or casino.

PROCEDURE: We discuss and take you through the entire procedure you would go through at a casino or a home game. From the second you arrive to cashing out. The next time you go to a casino you will know exactly what to say, where to go, and what to do.

FREE DRINKS AND SNACKS: Thirsty? We have a full bar, beers, sodas, and a wide range of snacks. Sit back, relax, have a drink, and learn to play.

POKER COMMUNITY: We have created a strong poker community in New York. After your class you will be invited to several New York Poker events, lectures, and games. We also host non poker related activities as well. Once your part of the community you can look forward to movie night, monopoly night, and even call of duty night.

SMALL CLASS SIZES: We keep our class size small, you will have no more then 9 people at your table. This allows us to give everyone personal attention so we can make sure you understand the material. It also creates a more personal enviroment so you get to know us and we get to know you.
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Blake Eastman is the Founder & Head Instructor of the School of Cards.

Like many people my age, I caught the poker bug after watching the movie Rounders. I was really tired of the money I was making in college and thought I would give poker a try. I have a very obsessive personality so I basically ate, breathed, and dreamed poker. I purchased every book, read every forum, and played non-stop. While my game was better then most it took a total of 2 years before I started to consistently make money playing poker. I feel I wasted a lot of time making the same mistakes and was sure that I could help others make the process significantly quicker. By the time I finished grad school I was playing poker full time, making great money, and having the time of my life. I owe a lot of my financial success to the game of poker and truly enjoy teaching the game and helping others reach their potential.

In 2009 after losing a bet to a friend (long story) I dove straight in to the game of blackjack. In addition to playing poker I teach psychology at the City University of New York, entrepreneur, and investor in several Internet start ups.
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