Networking, Less Working: A Study Group for Building Great Events

, Harvard Grad Student

If you've ever hosted a meetup or run a conference, you know how easy it is to lose the passion and focus you have for subject matter while bombarded with details. No more. We'll share tips, tricks, personal experiences and helpful reading material to realize the potential of event experiences.

In this highly interactive study group, Robb will share a simple, scalable process to create transformative events and meetups. With some simple attitude changes, you can achieve maximum content and networking and a minimum of stress. You’ll learn from the world’s best event curators, who have systematized 80+% of their event into checklist-style tasks for themselves and their team to complete before and after, rather than during, the event. This approach leverages their brain power and expertise for the content and people they are passionate about, instead of minutiae.

Logistical tasks like booking locations and speakers, social media, catering, and registration can be batched, automated, delegated, or even eliminated through new behaviors and even newer tech tools, while actually increasing quality and profitability. Robb will share his thoughts on the key factors of “serially successful” events like TED(x), Startup Weekend, and ROFLCon to help you build a personal checklist you can put in place right now to expand your events’ influence and success while reducing your workload.

Note: Please come to study group prepared with questions, problems, concerns you have with your current or upcoming event/meetup. We'll brainstorm ways to enhance your effectiveness.

What you'll get: The framework Robb's developed for conference planning, plus personalized tips, support, and a wealth of helpful freebies (reading material, etc.) to help you in your next event.

Read more about using events for networking and management experience on my project blog.

  • Networking, Less Working: A Study Group for Building Great Events


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Robb Fitzsimmons

Harvard Grad Student

I'm a grad student at Harvard and working on a new approach for event registration and networking, unlike anything you've ever seen before. It's called Proximate (, currently in private testing.

I love meeting people to share what I'm working on and hear about their work, and build events to make that happen. Some of the projects I've worked on include Startup Weekends, TEDx events, academic and professional conferences, and executive summits for groups like IBM, HP, Cisco, and Goldman Sachs.

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