Needsfinding Workshop

, Manager of New Business for Last Exit

This class is taught as a workshop. Techniques in planning for ethnographic research, interviewing and observation will all be done by doing these things in groups.

Planning: In this phase we're looking at understanding the goals or objectives of the research. Certain techniques are effective in improving process (the layout of a movie theater or drive through) while others are jumping off points for product or business creation.

Interviewing: The reason focus groups are so ineffective is because they are often used for the wrong purpose. We'll talk about focus groups not as a way to verify ideas but to develop unique concepts that wouldn't be obvious otherwise.

Observation: People have a tough time saying what they want because often they don't know. Here we focus on allowing human behavior to inform our ideas versus solely using their responses.

These techniques take time to learn, and learning only comes through experimentation. So come, have fun and you'll walk away with ways to develop your own consumer insights.

  • Needsfinding Workshop


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Jason Wisdom

Manager of New Business for Last Exit

There's nothing more interesting people! It's my philosophy and also what drives my fascination in Needsfinding or Ethnographic. When first getting out of school I was on-boarded as the Manager of Innovation to launch a web app for a business focused in the meeting space. During the product development process I ran interviews, UX testing groups, facilitated ideation sessions and observed people creating events online.

It was also around this time that my unhealthy obsession with understanding people started. I started a consulting firm called Drawing Insights, and ran qualitative research for a range of mid sized brands including consumer packaged goods, non-profits, even doing work for huge higher education institutions.

When I'm not chasing old women down the isles of a grocery store with a camera in hand, I'm trail running upstate, scuba diving in Mexico, or partaking in general shenanigans with a good group of friends.

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