Needsfinding: Insights before ideas

, Manager of New Business for Last Exit

"Research is like writing your own biography, you’re just the least important character."

To design solutions that solve real human needs we need to collect people's stories, observe their behavior and understand their aspirations. The class is broken up into 3 segments:

  1. Who are you - We're going to work through a series of exercises that will make us all a bit more aware of the assumptions we make about other people. And when these assumptions can help and hurt us. (Fun and embarrassing)
  2. Needsfinding an overview - The exercises we'll be working through are a small part of a much bigger picture. This section will help to put all the elements in context and show where in a timeline they fit.
  3. Design Challenge - This is where we answer the question about application. We're going to break out into groups and develop design challenges based on common goals of the groups. We'll be working through interviewing techniques, developing social experiments and having far too much fun doing it.

This class is most useful for those who create things that solve people's problems: Entrepreneurs, marketers, product designers, teachers, non-profits, and those seeking empathy.

  • Needsfinding: Insights before ideas


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Jason Wisdom

Manager of New Business for Last Exit
Ran consumer insights consultancy Drawing Insights, servicing both brands and agencies with qualitative market research used to inform ideation and strategy. Worked with brands ranging from consumer packaged good to higher education. Following work at Drawing Insights, Jason moved to NYC, coming on board Last Exit and developing insights and strategy for brands like Chegg and Belvedere. He's also taught workshops, classes and courses at multiple Universities on consumer insights and ideation.
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