Mind-Mapping for School, Life & Work - Cincinnati

, Screenwriter & Director

Is your brain overloaded with everything you have to memorize for school?

Do you struggle to solve problems at work?

Is it to difficult to follow through on your lofty resolutions?

Rejoice, there is a solution: mindmaps!

This evening workshop will show you how you can use lines, colors and basic shapes to be a better student, problem-solver and realize your ambitions.

We'll end the evening by covering some software and iPhone app options you can try out for later use.

I will contact you before our workshop to better understand your specific needs. I'll also bring basic supplies, so you'll be able to practice these techniques in class.

Feel free to email me if you're interested so that I can start to schedule the class or if have any questions or concerns. Remember, I want to tailor this around your needs.

In the meantime, you can visit my blog to learn more about my teaching methods and myself.

  • Mind-Mapping for School, Life & Work - Cincinnati


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Kasem Kharsa

Screenwriter & Director
I have an eclectic background as a design engineer and now as a screenwriter-director. I have used these techniques in team brainstorming sessions as well as in my writing.

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