Mind Mapping: Get Your Ideas Out of Your Head and Into Reality

, President, Perform to Potential, Inc.

Do you have an idea you know could be big if you could figure out how to bring it to life? A goal you can’t get a handle on, or a project so big you’re not sure where to start? Mind mapping is a powerful technique used by project teams and individuals to conquer overwhelm, organize and assess information and create action plans. It's free-flowing, spontaneous and fun, and uses your brain's inherent abilities to help you generate ideas. In this class you'll learn why the technique is so effective, and exactly how to use it to

  • tap both your logic and your creativity
  • organize ideas for yourself or with a team
  • brainstorm and prioritize tasks
  • clarify the actions you need to take

Bring an idea you want to map out, or dig into your  life or career goals.  You can use the technique for almost anything. 

Creating timelines and action plans are covered in-depth in the follow-up class, Project Management 101.

  • Mind Mapping: Get Your Ideas Out of Your Head and Into Reality


    419 Park Avenue South, 2nd Floor
    New York City, NY

    Thu, June 14th, 2012

    6:30 pm - 8:00 pm EDT

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Pauline Kehm

President, Perform to Potential, Inc.

Pauline Kehm is a corporate coach, trainer and workshop leader who helps ambitious professionals figure out what they want, create a plan to get it, and deal with the all reasons they find not to do it.

Pauline has over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry. Formerly with Lehman Brothers, she’s been a VP of marketing and corporate communications; interim head of marketing, Asia; and a business development strategist in Europe. She’s organized annual investor conferences attended by thousands, promoted the firm to the VC community in Silicon Valley, and helped senior executives around the world create client acquisition and retention strategies.  She's also trained corporate groups and entrepreneurs in sales, leadership, client relations and project management.

Now a credentialed professional coach, Pauline finds common challenges among the clients she works with, whether they’re executives, new hires, or small business owners.  They want more control in their careers and more reward from their hard work.  They want more clarity on how to succeed on their own terms, and they want to find satisfaction and meaning in what they do.  Pauline’s workshops and programs help her clients achieve those goals by learning new skills, applying new strategies and cultivating a mindset of confidence and success.

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