Memory Improvement Class

, Co-Founder @ Iris Univerisity


What you should expect from the class:

- learn to remember what you have heard or read (Mindmaps and concentration techniques) 

-  remember spellings, facts ad figures

-  never lose the flow of your presentation without ever looking at your notes ( the Journey Technique)

-  remember and effortlessly recall jokes and speeches (impress everyone with your sense of humor) 

 - remember names and faces ( Mnemonic  and Social Method) 

- understand how human memory works and how to use it to your advantage. 

get  real world advice how to apply simple memory tricks to lock some facts permanantely in your head so that you can focus on the important stuff. Would you like to stop forgetting names, passwords, birthdays and other important details? Would the work you do be easier if you could remember more details? Would you like to study less, get better grades and remember more of what you read?  If the answer is yes, then you'll want to take our Memory Course to achieve an optimal memory. For more information go to

The class is very interactive, so feel free to come with specific memory challenges. We love to help you with your challenges because we don't want followers, we want co-explorers. 

  • Memory Improvement Class


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Katya Seberson

Co-Founder @ Iris Univerisity

You may have a floordrobe, but I have a bed-brary. And all of my books have Mindmaps in them. I use Mindmaps extensively and in a VERY original way that makes reading and planning more interactive and fun.

Total number of people trained by Katya well surpasses 10,000. She appeared as guest speaker at Fortune 100 corporations like HSBC, Google, Walmart, Barclays as well as  universities like Harvard, NYU, Columbia and Stanford to name a few. 

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