Meditation Comfort | A Simple Approach to Effortless Sitting

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This isn't a meditation class. This is a workshop on how to sit for meditation with ease and balance! If you have ever found yourself straining, or in pain, or distracted while attempting to "relax" you know how frustrating and counter-productive that can be.

Based on the Feldenkrais Method of movement education, this workshop will give you the sensory experiences of balance and movement that you need in order to sit dynamically. You don't have to keep pushing into the same thing. You can learn to support a thriving meditation practice by allowing your posture to support you.

"These forms are not a means of obtaining the right state of mind. To take this posture itself is the purpose of our practice. When you have this posture, you have the right state of mind."

—Suzuki Roshi

  • Learn how to let your attention to subtle and easy movements bring about greater organization and comort.
  • Learn to recognize common well-meaning, but misguided advice (even if you are giving it to yourself) and follow the innate wisdom of your nervous system instead.
  • Discover simple adjustments you can make to your seating that can make a huge difference.
  • Find more range in your hips, and allow your spine to stack itself the way it wants to.
  • Find the movement in stillness, and the stillness within movement.
  • Breath easily.
  • Learn how to respond to pain and discomfort the enlightened way.
  • Stand up smoothly, and carry the ease with you as you go...

For experienced meditators this is an opportunity to deepen your practice, and address habitual discomforts. For those new to meditation, this is a beautiful way to enter into a practice, laying the foundation for effortless, balanced attention.

  • Meditation Comfort | A Sensory Approach to Effortless Sitting


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    In this workshop we will discuss the foundations of effortless sitting, look at how to adjust your seating for maximum effect, address common concerns, and engage in movement explorations that will allow you to naturally find a more balanced and sustainable posture.

    (Bring any cushions or seating you normally use, a yoga mat, and wear loose, comfortable clothing.)


    Coming Soon...

Chris Moffett

Minimalist, Thinking Big.

Chris is a philosopher of movement, and if you get him started, he'll regale you with tales of space and mythology, and his crackpot theory on sea slugs as role models. He has a tendency to make stuff when he's trying to figure something out. Like giant hyperbolic sculptures, or home made pinhole cameras, or giant puppets. Because it's more fun that way...

And he'll only explain how the catacombs of Paris are related to crochet, well, if you don't distract him first...

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