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TL;DR Version: This is a slightly modified version of my previous class (Secrets to Not Paying Retail for Anything. Ever Again). This focuses on enjoying life in New York City while saving a lot of money doing so. You'll be going to theater all the time, shopping for whatever you want, reading and dining in class and watching movies in actual theatres - among other things - without breaking the bank. These are a collection of resources, secrets, tips & tricks that I've learnt over the years. 

It may be hard to believe, but I haven’t paid the retail price or the marked price for anything in the past several years. And I don’t mean getting a petty 10-20% off the marked price... I mean paying a mere fraction of the retail price and getting 50-90% off of everything you buy, all the time.

This doesn’t mean buying off-market, poor quality products; you’ll still be buying market leading brands - just without paying retail prices on them. And neither does it mean waiting for Black Friday. In fact, you’ll be beating Black Friday prices all year long. Examples of what I usually pay:

  • Apple laptops for $300-$500 Off. HP & Dell as well. (I paid $1400 for my Macbook Air that costs $1900 plus tax). Computer Accessories and iTunes purchases for 50-70% Off retail also (sometimes even free)
  • Always going to Broadway, Off broadway and MET Opera shows for $5-$25/ticket.
  • Watching movies in theaters for $3-$6/ticket
  • Branded, luxury clothing like Inc, Izod, Liz Claiborne, CK, Armani, DKNY etc at 50-90% off, incl. current season lines. (For a $200 Liz Claiborne cashmere-wool women’s coat, I paid... $10! Yes, really.)
  • Half-price Starbucks.. all the time. There is also a way to get free Starbucks that my awesome friend Scott Britton teaches in his Skillshare class. Do check it out.
  • There’ll be many more secrets on all major product categories shared in class...
  • I’ll even bring along receipts for some of the stuff (you won’t believe the prices without them)

If that piqued your interests, then read on...

Here is a collection of tips, tricks, insider’s information, professional expertise and hidden resources to saving money that have been accumulated over several years of research, patience, trial-n-errors, countless shopping trips, hundreds of hours of customer service phone calls, sleepless nights and even some physical fights.

That’s just my personal experience, not counting the expertise my mom has accumulated shopping for over 25 years, which she has taught me that I’ll be bringing to this class as well.

You will also learn ways to research, where to look, how to speak to customer service reps (which is a whole class on its own) and how to go about saving on your purchases that I don’t directly cover.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out over Twitter (@ddevjani) or email ([email protected])

I look forward to seeing you all soon!




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I've not paid retail for any purchase I made in the past several years. I have developed a consistent, manageable, proven method for researching and securing much lower prices on products and services in various categories. If that's not enough, read on...

I am a tech enthusiast and business strategist with a background in marketing, business and psychology. I have worked in manufacturing, retail and customer service as well. My experience and background (combined with tons of research) have helped me get a much deeper understanding of how products are brought to market and managed therein. I use this understanding to save money while using the best products in the market. 

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