Live from your Essence--Unlock the inner YOU

, Life and Business Coach

As humans, by the time we reach adulthood, we have automatic ways of behaving that we have developed over the course of time. Mostly these behaviors work for us--in fact, they've created the very full, very real lives we currently have. However, these survival mechanisms can't help us move beyond the life and the limitations we have now. Instead, consider that everyone has the ability to operate from the core of their true self--their Essence--which can transform you, your behavior, and your life in a radical, once-and-for all way. Living a life from that place brings joy, harmony, power, and love to everything you do.

This workshop will allow you to:

  • Identify your Essence
  • Understand how your survival mechanisms help and hold you back
  • Break down your comfort zone and see the possibility for a new life
  • Begin the process for a lasting, radical transformation in you

We will mix and mingle from 6:30-7:00pm and the workshop will begin at 7:00. Optional drinks at 9:00 at J. Paul's on M street after the workshop.

Thursday, March 17 6:30-9:00pm 3265 M St NW (upstairs studio of lululemon athletica) Attire: Casual and comfortable. We will be siting on benches or on cushions on the floor. Capacity: 8 people Cost: Free

  • Live from your Essence--Unlock the inner YOU


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Lacey Hopkins

Life and Business Coach

Lacey Hopkins has coached individuals and organizations around achieving phenomenal results. Her mission is to show people how step out of tedious, insufficient,  incremental life adjustments, and instead, turbo charge their lives to create  lasting, radical life changes that will break their limitations and push them  into possibility. She's determined to help highly-motivated, highly-capable individuals step out of  mediocrity and into the greatness that already exists inside themselves.

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