Liberation Through Integration

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Do you seek self-worth and value by going outside of yourself? Maybe you go on shopping sprees, listen to the media, astrologers or get endless second opinions from others and still feel like something is missing?

You’re right there is something missing. It’s YOU!  I will share my journey on how I looked within myself when I made my gender transition from female to male and include a song clip that I wrote and re-recorded as a duet with my former female self. In this class I will guide and provide you with techniques and insightful self-assessments that you can use to find out where you are now and who you want to be regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

Embracing your authentic self makes you an integrated and complete person. In turn, you become very self-aware and begin to break away from negative people, places and things that are not in your best interest.

How would that benefit you?

- Your relationship with yourself and others improves in ways you never thought possible

- You feel naturally confident and secure when you discover your inner wealth

- You look and feel better on all levels

- Your quality of life improves


  • Liberation Through Integration

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    What we will do in this class

    You will learn how to successfully apply these strategies in your own life:

    • Liberation through Integration – Share what that means for you?
    • I’ll walk you through my path of what I did to stop looking outside of myself for answers with the following techniques:
      • Explore the ways we self-sabotage. Handout provided.
      •  Find personal strengths to boost confidence.
      • Are you in control of you? Handout provided.
      • Simple yet effective exercise on how to get out of mind chatter.
      • The best ways to self-talk to build up Spiritual power, some people call this personal power.
      • Turn rejection into personal gain.
      • Q&A
      • Wrap up







    Sun, October 7th, 2012

    6:00 pm - 7:30 pm EDT

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Raemondo De Stefano MSc.Ed

“I have been singing since I was twelve and began writing songs at the age of twenty. I was born female; however, my brain was incongruent to my gender at birth. My female soprano voice did not match who I really was and after I made my transition to male I retrained my singing voice. I grew up looking for answers outside of myself when all that I needed to know was within me. I earned a graduate degree in rehabilitation counseling and was a vocational and substance abuse counselor for disenfranchised populations.

For me, the gift was in the music and the blessings came from an inner voice
that only when I truly listened to it did I discover its real value. So I
listened to the music inside of me and I used my voice to express it and
embraced the completeness of all that it is. And I’m sharing it with you so
you can hear the call to a new life and find your own voice.” - Raemondo De Stefano MSc.Ed

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