Israel and Palestine: A View From on the Ground

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There are few issues more polarizing and divisive than that of the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Despite the U.S. being a central political player in this, it is an issue that is gravely misunderstood by the majority of the American population. I would argue that our misunderstanding and complacency on this issue has real life implications in Israel/Palestine and is leading to widespread violence and oppression of innocent people. Having spent extensive time in the Middle East studying the historical and socio-political contexts, it is glaringly clear that Westerner's need to reframe their understanding of this issue. Rather than demonizing Arab’s as terrorists, it’s time for us to illuminate the viral movement of non-violence that is underway in the West Bank in the way of Jesus Christ, Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi. If the West, namely the religious of the West, doesn’t get this right, violence and oppression will reign in a context that is in dyer need of justice and peace. In this class: 1. We will explore the history of the conflict as a way to better understand the current tensions, 2. We will walk through the daily life of both an Israeli and Palestinian based on experiences and footage from my times in the Middle East, 3. We will discuss tangible ways we can move from complacency to action from right were we sit here in San Diego.
  • Israel and Palestine: A View From on the Ground

    HIVEHAUS 241

    241 14th St
    San Diego, CA

    Sat, December 3rd, 2011

    2:00 pm - 4:00 pm PST

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Jon Huckins

Jon has a Master of Arts in Theology with Emphasis in Ethics and Peacemaking. Further, he has spent extensive time in Israel/Palestine studying the historical-geographical contexts at Jerusalem University College. He recently returned to Israel/Palestine with a Just Peacemaking delegation made up of Jews, Muslims and Christians, where he spent extensive time in both Israel and the West Bank meeting with locals and dignitaries. Jon is an author and writes for numerous publications on the topic.
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241 14th St

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