Investing & Personal Finance For Developers & Designers

, CEO, Behance

You work at a tech company. You're starting to save, but you also want to invest. Now what?

Scott Belsky and Will Allen (Behance CEO and Head of Strategy & Operations, respectively) are in a unique position to teach this class. They work in a FAST growing (and now well-funded) tech company in NYC. And...they've also had a few (misguided?) years working in the financial markets. They're always asked by their designer and developer friends for tips on managing personal finance, so they figured they'd launch a Skillshare class on the topic!

This Class Will Cover:

  • How (and when) should you be spending / saving / investing?
  • Should you be investing in stocks? 
  • How does the stock market work? (and why is it ridiculous?)
  • What's the best way to invest?
Prep Work:

Scott Belsky

CEO, Behance

The class will be taught by Scott Belsky and Will Allen.

Scott is the Co-Founder and CEO of Behance, the leading platform to showcase and discover creative work. Scott is also the author of the international bestselling book Making Ideas Happen. Prior to starting Behance, Scott received his MBA at Harvard Business School and his undergraduate degree from Cornell University, where he was (embarrassingly) President of the Cornell Investment Club. Before seeing the light and starting up a tech company, Scott worked in various functions at Goldman Sachs & Co where he learned what he likes and hates about the world of investing. 

Will Allen is the Head of Strategy & Operations at Behance.  Prior to joining Behance, Will was the Senior Manager for Global Partnerships at TED, where he built strategic partnerships and monetization models for, the TED Conferences, and various other TED properties. Will's beach reading consists of S-1's and personal finance books, and he used to keep a blog on why we should earn what we spend. 

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