I bought art, so now what do I do with it? Art Collecting 102

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I've found art to be a bit like potato chips. It's hard to stop at just one piece.

With art more accessible than ever, you can now buy fine art and participate at every budget level.

You're awesome for expanding your cultural horizons, supporting artists, and buying art...so now what?

Take this class for tips & tricks with framing and installation. I will explain different techniques that I use as a curator to make art flow well in a space. You will take away methods for caring for your new collection. We will also discuss an approach for how to best expand your specific collection going forward (...because once you pop..you can't stop...oh wait no, that's Pringles, lol)

Take this class for fun art chat and educated advice for you and your art collection.

This class is for everyone: if you are a seasoned collector looking for some fresh ideas, a new collector who just bought their first piece, or a person thinking about starting a collection...come, learn, and have fun! *bring digital or printed images of your space and art for practical advice and application of concepts as it pertains to your collection.
  • I bought art, so now what do I do with it? Art Collecting 102


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Jennifer Wallace

Art Collector, Ringleader
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