How to travel like a Rockstar without spending like one

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 "Anoop is a travel ninja- a human encyclopedia of travel secrest and techniques.  If you want to graduate from white belt to green, green to brown or brown to black-belt, Anoop's travel kung-fu will get you there"

*Master Teacher, Roberto Gonzalez*

“Fantastic class that highlights some really easy things you can do to travel for next to nothing. I'm stoked for the under-$100 first class airfare! Thanks, Anoop!”

 “Very cool life hack on not only traveling but just money management in general. Take this class to optimize the benefits that surround us daily. Anoop's really frank approach is engaging and very helpful.”

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How often do you think -- I wish I could go on vacation this weekend? Do you see a picture of Bora Bora and think, I want to be there? Come to this class and by the end - you won't be just thinking - you'll be doing, AND ON THE CHEAP! 

Some of my recent trips?  

New York <==> Austin (50,000 United points and $80), Couchsurfing = Free New York <==> Los Angeles (37,741 Southwest points and $10), 2 nights at Sheraton Santa Monica (24,000 Starwood Rewards points) New York <==> Los Angeles (38,542 American Express Rewards Miles)

This how much I actually paid to get away.  I only changed one aspect of my lifestyle and was able to make these amazing escapes essentially free, and if you're ready - you can too. 

In this class you will learn how to:

get flights like I did above get paid when your bags get delayed never pay a foreign transaction fee again use tools to manage your finances (regardless of where you are) make friends in the strangest and most wonderful of places LIVE LIKE A ROCKSTAR for under $40/day! 


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