How to remember long lists of information

, Co-Founder @ Iris Univerisity

Do you think that other people just have better memory? Do you feel like you can’t remember a list a things that’s longer than two? Paul and I are excited to introduce to a magic technique that will change your beliefs about your memory.

Invest in yourself one hour of time and let us show you how YOU can easily go above and beyond average human capacity and remember long lists of words, tasks, cities, movie titles, laws or concepts?  

In this class you will learn :

  • What is a Peg System
  • Create your own unique Peg System
  • Easily Remember a list of 20 items
  • Powerful ways to apply this technique to work and school
  • Develop a skill of remembering up to a hundred things

Hope to see there and don’t worry if you can’t make it on this day at this time!

As a BONUS, after the webinar, all the REGISTERED students will receive:
-  pdf summary guide
-  Class Recording
-  a unique opportunity to ask us your specific VIP question via email, which will be answered in 72 hours with the video response.

  • How to remember long lists of information


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    Coming Soon...

Katya Seberson

Co-Founder @ Iris Univerisity

You may have a floordrobe, but I have a bed-brary. And all of my books have Mindmaps in them. I use Mindmaps extensively and in a VERY original way that makes reading and planning more interactive and fun.

Total number of people trained by Katya well surpasses 10,000. She appeared as guest speaker at Fortune 100 corporations like HSBC, Google, Walmart, Barclays as well as  universities like Harvard, NYU, Columbia and Stanford to name a few. 

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