How to Use Airbnb like a Pro

Have you posted your apartment on Airbnb yet? Did you know that you can make enough money renting out your apartment while you're away on long weekends or business travel to cover the cost of the trip (airfare, hotels, etc) and then some? Airbnb and other vacation rental websites are a fantastic way to put an extra few hundred dollars in your pocket every month.

This class will teach you the basics, give you some tips on how to deal with the fact that someone else will be staying in your apt, and help you craft the right profile so that your apt always gets booked at a price you're happy with. Come discuss this revolutionary new service before you take the leap!

  • How to Use Airbnb like a Pro


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Matthew Johnson

I've rented out my apartment in Manhattan dozens of times and made thousands of dollars on Airbnb.
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