How to Travel Around the World Before You're 65

We often fantasize about traveling around the world. But it seems wholly impossible to pull it off without losing the full time jobs we're lucky to have or the apartments we like to call home. We'll wait until we've made it we think.

We know how this 'postponement of dreams' story ends though, and it ain't pretty. We end up never giving ourselves the chance to explore.

In partnership with travel inspiration engine Wanderfly and PEPY, an NGO which funds educational initiatives in Cambodia by leading learning tours, we'll talk through the logistics - step by step - of putting together a responsible long-term travel plan.

First, we'll discuss travel inspiration and how changes in the professional world are making it easier for professionals to travel for extended periods of time.

Second, you’ll learn how to budget for the trip, plan your route, find accommodation, pack and document your experience.

Lastly special guest Daniela Papi, founder of PEPY, will discuss how to leave a responsible, socially conscious travel footprint. If you’ve ever wanted to ‘do good’ while traveling, you’ll need to do your homework first. Learn how from a pioneer in the field!

Note: All proceeds will be donated to PEPY

Co-Teacher: Daniela Papi


Daniela Papi is the founder of PEPY, and educational development organization in Cambodia which is funded in part through a partner tour operation, PEPY Tours. Daniela has spent nearly a decade living in Asia and is passionate about supporting travel opportunities which are educational and responsible.

Follow @danielapapi on Twitter.

Co-Teacher: Matthew Johnson


Matt Johnson left his job as the Director of Marketing at SeamlessWeb to travel around the world for most of 2010. His 5 continent, 20 country trip took him through riots in Thailand and Nepal, all-night disco parties in Barcelona, skydiving in New Zealand, motorcycling down the coast of Vietnam, diving in Australia, on spiritual retreats in India, and much much more. Now back in New York and building a new startup lab, he'd like to share some of what he learned on the road with the next wave of world travelers.

Follow @mjdaog on Twitter.

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Kit Hayes

Kit Hayes quit her job in advertising in November of 2009 to travel around the world. She left powerpoint behind to sleep next to alpine lakes in New Zealand, ride motorcycles in Vietnam, work with two different NGOs in Cambodia, develop a sake palette in Japan, work on an organic wine vineyard in France, and obsess over Danish design in Copenhagen. She's now happily residing back in New York working to create 21st century movements to help solve global problems at Purpose.
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