How to Rawk at Karaoke

Own the mic. Be a rock star. Great voice not required.
Karaoke is a rare opportunity to really shine. When you're doing it right, bringing down the house with an epic karaoke anthem can be a remarkably exhilarating and fulfilling experience for you and for everyone involved.

Karaoke is for anyone
Many people refuse to sing karaoke because they claim they can't sing. What they don't realize is that the whole point of karaoke is that everyone can do it, and everyone is capable of an amazing karaoke performance. The trick is a combination of confidence and careful song selection!

Wow the crowd
With a little bit of thought, a keen eye and maybe a few shots of sake, you can find a way to impress just about any crowd with your performance. We'll dive into some great tips and tricks when it comes to timing, song selection, and reading the crowd.

Test your skills
We'll have a working karaoke rig on-hand for some real life testing, as well as a real-life karaoke dance party after the class! Your ticket includes party admission. Sweet!

  • How to Rawk at Karaoke


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Tony Bacigalupo

Tony is a world champion karaoke singer who has been rocking karaoke crowds for over 14 years. Holy crap, 14 years. He specializes in adapting what he sings to the wants and needs of the crowd, with little regard for genre, gender, or sanity. This was never more apparent than in 2009 when he joined a cross-country karaoke road trip called Whuffaoke, in which five people visited 12 cities in a customized RV that became a karaoke party on wheels. In business and in life, Tony is absolutely obsessed with ensuring everyone is having the awesomest time ever, and wants to show you how to do the same on the stage!
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