How to Dance at a Party and Impress Anyone

, Give me a tissue, I will put Boogie in it.

Proof in Movement:

Gucci on the Roof - Freestyle 

NYC Talent Show and Warm Up
Performance "Inner Demons"

In this class, you will learn the fundamentals and basics to dancing at a party, street dance, and Hip Hop, while also gathering what's required to gain respect from any audience. This means you will learn how to proceed with not only gathering the basics to ripping up the dance floor, but also how to use them in any social setting or performance environment, and resources and methods to teach yourself. As a bonus, you'll get insider tips on what it takes to create a winning performance and the theatrical elements required in thrilling anyone when hitting a beat!

Come with a smile and be ready to have a good time! Sneakers (sometimes colorful, rubberized popular tennis shoes) and fly gear (loose-fitting, hip clothes) you can move in is preferable for maximum Boogie-osity (according to Merriam-Webster, not a real word).
  • How to Dance at a Party and Impress Anyone


    New York, NY

    Sat, March 17th, 2012

    5:00 pm - 6:00 pm EDT

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Kean Gardner

Give me a tissue, I will put Boogie in it.

I have been a seasoned street/Hip Hop performer for 10 years, and have taught classes at all levels. I promoted various brands and products in club environments and at sponsored parties. I have won (1st place) 9 talent shows both on small and large scales. Performed in front of live concert venues with famous artists, and mixed/edited all the music for these performances and for many other artists. Basically, I will tear up any dance floor you put me on, and entertain any audience!

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