Fund your dreams using Airbnb

, Founder @ Signalfy

This class is for anyone looking to make extra income to support their dreams: fund a business, travel more, and work less!

You’ll learn how to turn your existing home in to an Airbnb rental, and how to make educated choices on finding an apartment, home, trailer or treehouse that is best suitable to set up as an Airbnb rental.

Together we will analyze several successful Airbnb case studies, with an interactive discussion. Come prepared with your own scenarios and receive feedback on your potential listing.

  • Fund your dreams using Airbnb

    Earthmatters Cafe

    177 Ludlow Street
    New York, NY

    This class will be taught with interactive instruction, and Q&A discussion. 

    We’ll walk through:

    • Apartment setup
    • Rates and pricing
    • Photography
    • Writing neighborhood guides
    • Dealing with landlord issues
    • Housecleaners and key check-in handoff
    • Handling guest reviews
    • Managing profits.

    Come with an apartment, room or treehouse you'd like to post on Airbnb, and we'll walk through setting up an Airbnb profile and listing. Bring several test photos with you on your laptop.

    At the end of this class, you’ll be on your way to living your dreams with the freedom of an awesome additional revenue stream. I’ll also provide a nifty handout summarizing our learnings, as well as some of my other favorite alternative income sources in addition to Airbnb. 

    Tue, September 11th, 2012

    7:00 pm - 8:15 pm EDT

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Kara Dake

Founder @ Signalfy
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    Earthmatters Cafe

    177 Ludlow Street

    New York, NY

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