Fuel-Move-Rest: A PerformWell Dinner Class

, Nutritionist, Writer, Teacher, Gardener, Cook

Attendees will dine on delicious local food while learning simple skills designed to create & maintain a healthy lifestyle &/or enhance sports performance. Dinner will be prepared from food that is produced locally, seasonally & sustainably. Current research in nutrition, exercise science and sustainable urban agriculture will be translated into simple tips and skills that anyone can integrate into their lifestyle &/or workouts to enhance physical performance &/or create a healthy lifestyle. Learn to PerformWell while enjoying a delicious dinner.
  • Fuel-Move-Rest: A PerformWell Dinner Class


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Gary Granata, PhD, RD, LDN, CLT

Nutritionist, Writer, Teacher, Gardener, Cook
Dr. Granata is the founder of PerformWell, LLC & holds a PhD in Exercise Science and Sports Nutrition. He is a Registered Dietitian by the American Dietetics Association, a Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist by the State of Louisiana, and a Certified LEAP Therapist, a program for people with conditions related to food sensitivities and intolerances.
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