From Hashtag to Hired: Use Social Media to Land a Job

, Be Inspired, Be Connected, Be Successful

Think your skills at Facebook stalking, refreshing Twitter streams or Googling yourself will lead you nowhere? Think again! Social media can be a great way to build online presence, educate yourself and discover new professional opportunities. Feeling overwhelmed? NY Creative Interns is here to help you get started on a social networking extravaganza that will lead you to the internship or job of your dreams.

Lead by NY Creative Interns Founder and President, Emily Miethner.

Topics Covered

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Blogging

Class Overview

  • Intros (teachers and class)
  • Presentation
  • Q&A
  • Mingling

Attendees should have a basic grasp of social media.

Laptops/tablet/iPad required.


  • From Hashtag to Hired: Use Social Media to Land a Job


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NY Creative Interns

Be Inspired, Be Connected, Be Successful

emily miethner

Emily Miethner is the Founder and President of NY Creative Interns. She has been teaching workshops on social media since she graduated from Hofstra in 2010. She's helped to organize both Columbia University Social Media Weekend events where she was a "Social Media Doctor" and organized a total of four panels about social media.

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