From Hashtag to Hired: Use Social Media to Land a Job

, Be Inspired, Be Connected, Be Successful

Think your skills at Facebook stalking, refreshing Twitter streams or Googling yourself will lead you nowhere? Think again! Social media can be a great way to build online presence, educate yourself and discover new professional opportunities. Feeling overwhelmed? NY Creative Interns is here to help you get started on a social networking extravaganza that will lead you to the internship or job of your dreams.

Lead by NY Creative Interns Founder and President, Emily Miethner.

Topics Covered

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Blogging

Class Overview

  • Intros (teachers and class)
  • Presentation
  • Q&A
  • Mingling

Attendees should have a basic grasp of social media.

Laptops/tablet/iPad required.


  • From Hashtag to Hired: Use Social Media to Land a Job


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NY Creative Interns

Be Inspired, Be Connected, Be Successful

Each class is taught by a different member of the NY Creative Interns Team.

Emily Miethner: Founder, President // Covering Twitter
Emily has spoken about the power of social media and networking at numerous colleges, conferences, and events including SXSW Interactive, Social Media Week, Internet Week, and The New School. She has worked in social media at Gawker, Sterling Publishing, Columbia University School of Journalism, and RecordSetter, among others. Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Marny Smith: Community Director // Covering LinkedIn
As the Community Director for NY Creative Interns, Marny has built a strong online presence for the organization using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. Marny has taught numerous social media workshops and was a core organizer of Columbia University's Social Media Weekend for the past two years; organizing two panels on social media for career development and serving as a "Social Media Doctor." Find Marny on LinkedIn.

Judi Huck: Content Manger // Covering Blogging
Judi works closely with all NY Creative Interns blog contributors, plans and manages content and can be found shooting photos for the official NY Creative Interns Instagram account. Judi is passionate about the arts, and she earns a living as an independent consultant with expertise in social media strategy, online community management and other areas of digital marketing. Find Judi on LinkedIn. 

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