Beginning with an introduction to poetic rhythms, sound, phrases, and images, students will explore and develop, through improvisational exercises, their own process of translating the moment into poetic language.

WHO: This class is good for writers who are looking to explore performance, performance poets who are looking to take their poetry to a new level, musicians who are would like to do with words what they can do with music, and anyone who wants to explore spontaneity through language.

HOW: There will be four classes ($10 a class). Each will begin with some "fundamentals" of poetic sound and structure, and then transition into fun, group based improvisational exercises.

Week 1: Introduction to Poetic Rhythm

Week 2: Introduction to Word Sound

Week 3: Introduction to Phrases and Lines

Week 4: Introduction to Poetic Images

WHAT: At the end of the course you will have a grasp on the fundamentals of poetic rhythm, sound, images, and phrasing, you will have a collection of tools to help you feel comfortable in an improvisational setting, as well as tips for the further exploration and practice of freestyle poetry.

  • Freestyle Poetry


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Billy Mark

Billy Mark was the winner of the 2003 Los Angeles Black Music award for Best Spoken Word has been practicing freestyle poetry for 13 years. He has 3 years of teaching poetry through California Institute of the Arts (Calarts) CAP program.
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