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You could sit at home and watch a YouTube video and try to figure this out. It's doable. But why not come out and learn, once and for all, how to change a flat tire with a little human interaction. At this hands-on workshop, we'll start with the basics, then give you the tricks and secrets of fast and easy flat fixing. At the AM session, we'll get jacked on Fayes coffee and People's vegan donuts. At the PM session we'll savor fresh Firebrand pretzels and ice cold beer (Anchor Steam and IBC). We'll even send you home with a set of our favorite tire levers. We end the session with a group ride - a tour of the Mission District's 11 bike related businesses. One last thing. No spectators allowed. Nobody admitted without a bike. Come prepared to get your hands dirty.
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Jefferson McCarley

Mission Bicycle Company
Jefferson McCarley and Brian Richard have been teaching, guiding, leading, hand-holding and coaching urban commuters for a combined 2 decades.
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