Fire Up Your Finances!: Move from Money Woes to WOW!

, Money Relationship Mentor

Do you want to create a breakthrough in your relationship with money?

In my years helping people, I have learned certain principles that hold true when it comes to creating prosperity in your life. Most of them don’t actually have to do with money, per se, but rather how you feel about yourself, how you feel about money and how you see yourself in the world. Whether you want to earn and save more or be able spend the money you already have with greater ease, the root of your relationship to your self and money stems from the same roots.

Deepening your relationship with money is a process that can take you from places of anxiety, frustration, depression, sadness, insecurity, (you name it, there are so many emotions around money), to unlocking whatever it is that binds you.

What you will gain by exploring your money story?

~ Positive balances in your bank accounts start to occur.

~ Self care becomes a priority.

~ Relationships become more honest and enriched.

~ Gradually, you relax into a place of peace with money.

In this 90 minute workshop, you will

  • Learn what story you tell yourself about money, true or not
  • Re-tell your money story from a place of deeper insight, confidence and compassion for yourself 
  • Understand the different ways people sabotage their finances and WHY they do it
  • Understand your personal triggers so you can slow down and create nurturing actions
  • Learn simple tools to help you develop positive habits with your money

If you desire a foundational change in the way you live with money, I look forward to helping you in this life-changing process.

Comments from this month's (June, 2012) workshop participants:

 In 90 minutes, I uncovered hidden beliefs and behaviors that affect my relationship and attitude toward money. I see that I need to look at money as a teacher and friend, rather than something others have that I lack. Helen shows you that your behavior surrounding money is a reflection of how you view yourself.

~Emily H.,New York City

"In this class I realized that I am an under earner. I never thought of myself in this situation. I has opened up my mind to look into what my value is. Helen's tolls are easy to apply in my everyday life. I'm looking forward to sharing with my husband so we could have a better understanding with our financies." 

Elizabeth,Jersey City,NJ

"Wow! Big brainstormation happened. I had no idea I was folloiwng my father's pattern with money. This awareness empowers me to transform my relationship wtih money. Thank you Helen for helping me realize it."

Katya S.,New York City

"It was incredibly powerful that in a converwsation about money we discussed shame, primary relationships and emotional needs. I've done a lot of work with Helen around my relationship with money and no matter how much I've learned, Helen highlights another area to institgate. It's a continuing journey of personal growth. Thanks Helen! As always I love working with you." 

Ann R., Brooklyn,NY

"Speaking with Helen really made it possible for me to see what my blocks were with regards to having an honest relationship to money. It was great!"

Karlo, New York, NY

"I feel like I tried on a new pair of glasses where I can see everything clearly, especially my prosperous future!"

Ruthie, New York, NY

  • FIRE UP YOUR FINANCES: Move from Money Woes to WOW! w/ Helen Kim

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Helen Kim

Money Relationship Mentor

HELEN KIM is a consultant for high net worth individuals and families, helping them develop deeper financial insight, resolve financial conflict,  understand and navigate the issues of  inherited wealth and sudden wealth,  thereby enabling clients to make positive decisions concerning their finances and life.

She also hosts  and features interviews with authors and experts who can help her clients make positive financial decisions that stimulate their personal economy. A Certified Financial Counselor, she was the host of Conscious Wealth on Hay House Radio. The program emerged from Helen’s experiences in counseling individuals in their relationship with money. For the program itself, she was effective in helping the audience examine the way they related to money, thereby raising their self awareness. As a host and producer she has featured some of the top teachers, authors and writers and  in video and audio interviews, including author and teacher Mark Matousek (Ethical Wisdom), Byron Katie,  Harvard Business Review columnist, Peter Bregman,  Stanford University’s Fred Luskin and author, John Bradshaw (Healing the Shame that Binds You).

With 20 years of professional experience as a consultant in business development, she worked in some of the world’s top performing venues including Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, and as an artists agent and manager at Columbia Artists Management. She has represented international musicians, Oscar winning film composers and produced concerts and recordings in New York City which included securing the first orchestra performance ever on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live”.

She has led many workshops and seminars for entrepreneurs, artists and professionals working in the corporate and not-for-profit worlds. Some of her many clients have included the Yale University, Juilliard School, University of Maryland, Boston University, National Association of Women Business Owners,  International Events Group and the Sony Foundation. In addition to guest expert appearances on the ABC, CBS and Fox News networks she was interviewed on National Public Radio’s daily program, Marketplace.

A former cellist she did practice, practice, practice, eventually performing in Carnegie Hall, on BBC Television and in critically acclaimed solo recitals on the stages of London’s South Bank and the Kennedy Center. Helen is a graduate of the Juilliard School of Music.

She resides in New York City.

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