FSBOs on Steroids: How to sell your own home using the internet

, Founder, Real Estate Cafe

DIY homeowners, thinking of selling your home this Spring?  Consider these two findings:

1.  The California Association of Realtors found that more 70% of first-time home sellers consider selling "for sale by owner;" and 

2.  During 4Q2011, over 20,000 MLS real estate listings expired or were canceled across Massachusetts. Those failed listings represent $250 million in lost fees to Realtors OR potential savings for DIY home buyers & sellers.

Want to save money by selling your home for sale by owner or FSBO? Read http://bit.ly/EXPloreWinWin and join us for this interactive slideshow: FSBOs on Steroids

This 1.5 hour presentation included more than 150 slides featuring "best of breed" web sites DIY home sellers can use to sell their homes "for sale by owner" or with the assistance of a new generation of fee-for-service real estate professionals who are willing to offer their services "a la carte."

The slideshow is divided into 15 segments and you can preview the first online:
FSBOs on Steroids: Step 1 of 15

Depending on level of demand, willing to teach two different tracks: (1) one for homeowners who's listings expired or were canceled during the 4Q2011, and (2) another for sellers who would like to this their home for sale this Spring.

Bill Wendel

Founder, Real Estate Cafe

A nationally recognized real estate consumer advocate who has been quoted on the front page of the Wall Street Journal and called part-visionary, part eccentric by Boston Magazine, Bill Wendel has seen the real estate industry upsidedown and backwards for more than two decades.

20 years ago, he hosted a two-day conference in Boston called The Consumer Revolution in Real Estate featuring Ralph Nader and more than 30 other panelists.

He founded the first real estate cyber cafe in the world in 1995, and he remains committed to identifying money-saving business models and tools for DIY homebuyers and sellers.

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