FREE Introduction to Magic & Mind Reading.

, Alternative Magician & Mind Reader.

FREE Promo class!

Learn Magic And Mind Reading For Social Gatherings, was featured in The New York Times! Feel free to check it out here:

Have you ever wanted to read someones mind then tell them exactly what they are thinking?

Have you ever wanted to get FREE drinks at a bar from a bartender because you just made a beer bottle appear out of thin air?

If so, then get ready to amaze people, anytime...anywhere...anyplace!!

In this FREE introductory class student will see many Magic & Mind reading effects specifically designed to be performed in social situations such as bars, lounges, networking parties and much more.

Students will get a understanding about the theory & psychology behind performing these effects and why they can be adapted to use in any environment.

Out of the several effects shown, the students will learn the method to some effects in detail that they can immediately go out and perform that very day.

Students will also receive a %25 off voucher towards the ticket future classes!

Em will also explain how to fit magic in a conversation without seeming cheesey and corny.

This will be a 90 min introductory class consiting of:

  • Magic & Mind reading show
  • Theory
  • Explanations

Students are required to bring a pen, paper and if possible a deck of playing cards( not needed, but would help).

Get ready to amaze people, anytime...anywhere...anyplace!!

This is a FREE event. Students may bring guests!!

See you there!

  • FREE Introduction to Magic & Mind Reading.


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Emran Riaz

Alternative Magician & Mind Reader.

Em has over 15 year experience in teaching performing magic. He has created over 50 original magic effects that some of today's top magicians use in there own routines.

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