End Procrastination: The Ambitious Person's Productivity Guide

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“Productivity Coach indeed! I left Randall's class feeling like a boulder had been lifted off my shoulder. Talk about liberation! On the A train ride back home my Mission and Vision statements were written. And the very next day my shredder was working overtime! End Procrastination: Done."

“Randall was thorough, warm, and funny. Even better - I walked out of the class wanting to get stuff done, and started putting some of his suggestions to use immediately. Highly recommend this class.”

“Great conversational style, informative and clear presentation, and a good dose of humor. Highly recommend checking out Randal's class.”


I told someone the other day that I was teaching a class on procrastination, and he responded that he didn't need it because he'd nailed the problem of procrastination--just yell at yourself until you get to work. Personally, if that's your solution, I don't think you've quite nailed it.

Work is your opportunity to make something. There's really no reason why that process shouldn't be a joyous and dramatic rush. Humans are--very literally--goal-achievement machines. When you have to drag yourself to work, the machine is breaking down in some kind of predictable way--unclear or unprioritized goals, cognitive overload, or trying to do two things at once, for example. Whatever the case, there are reliable strategies for dealing with the issue, which I have learned through my years coaching executives, managers, and customer service representatives.

The class is a self-reflective, discussion-oriented workshop, and you will leave with a diagnosis of your productivity obstacles, strategies for dealing with them, and clear next steps.

Prework: Before coming to class, catch yourself in the middle of procrastination. Write down what you are working on, what you are feeling, and what you are doing to procrastinate.

  • End Procrastination: The Ambitious Person's Productivity Guide


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Randal Vegter

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Coach, class designer, and teacher in productivity psychology. I work (happily) at JetBlue by day but would like to branch out to other ambitious people. In addition to Jetblue, I have worked with Martha Stewart Omnimedia, MetLife, and Liz Claiborne. I received my BA from Columbia University and then my MA from Columbia’s Teachers College in “Cognitive Studies in Education,” concentrating in "Training and Performance in the Workplace."

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