Eat Local at Work: How to Get Your Company to Sign Up For a CSA

, Freelance writer (The Atlantic, NBC News) #binders

*NOTE: The 3/26 class has been CANCELLED. However, please stay tuned for future class sessions. Thanks! -GB

Are you an HR manager looking to improve wellness in the office? Or an employee and foodie who wants to get your corporation to eat local?

Learn from a recent case study...

  • how to get your company's decision makers on board
  • how to procure office-friendly local farms
  • how to build your core group
  • how to execute your CSA program

You and your co-workers will be eating localand perhaps sharing recipesin no time.

*Instructor is not a representative of any CSA.

Grace Bello

Freelance writer (The Atlantic, NBC News) #binders

Grace Bello is a lifestyle and culture reporter based in New York. Her articles have appeared in The, The New York Daily NewsNew YorkJezebelThe Hairpin, and more. She teaches journalism at Manhattanville College. Follow her on Twitter.

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