Eat Local at Work: How to Get Your Company to Sign Up For a CSA

, Freelance writer (The Atlantic, NBC News) #binders

*NOTE: The 3/26 class has been CANCELLED. However, please stay tuned for future class sessions. Thanks! -GB

Are you an HR manager looking to improve wellness in the office? Or an employee and foodie who wants to get your corporation to eat local?

Learn from a recent case study...

  • how to get your company's decision makers on board
  • how to procure office-friendly local farms
  • how to build your core group
  • how to execute your CSA program

You and your co-workers will be eating localand perhaps sharing recipesin no time.

*Instructor is not a representative of any CSA.

Grace Bello

Freelance writer (The Atlantic, NBC News) #binders

Grace Bello is a freelance writer who has written about sustainability for The Atlantic.

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