Double Dutch Basics- Pattern Timing & Coordination

, Double Dutch- Cardio Workout Made Fun

Double Dutch is an advancement of the classic Jump Rope game you used to play as a child. It's a sport that dares you to get back to your youth and gives you the energy to want to stay on the move. The best part is the accomplished feeling you have after learning this great new skill. For those parents who have children, they would love to be able to spend time with while doing something fun together, Double Dutch is that something you can take home and teach to your children. Every child loves to play games andwhat better way to keep your childen occupied than with a game you'll all enjoy.

During this class you will learn the origins of the Double Dutch sport and the basics on how to play an efficient game as a beginner. You will learn how to turn a Double Dutch rope as well as how to effectively get into a Double Dutch rope and maintain an even, steady jump. All that is required for this class is the proper attire. Each student will be expected to wear either sweats or comfortable shorts, a tee shirt and comfortable SNEAKERS. (Your basic workout outfit in other words ^_^) A bottle of water or two is also required. Be prepared to sweat a little but more importantly, be prepared to have fun and make new friends in the process. During this class you'll work on timing of the rope as well as focusing on hand-eye coordination. With Double Dutch timing is key. At the end of this class you will leave with an understanding of what Double Dutch is and how to execute the proper techniques in order to have a successful game in play.

  • Double Dutch- Not Just a Cardio Workout but a Fun Game and Sport


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    This class is a full body, hands on class designed to keep you on your feet. You will be utilizing your legs the majority of this class and afterward there will be a brief discussion of Double Dutch and the Benifits of knowing how to play this sport.


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Thomas Meyer

Double Dutch- Cardio Workout Made Fun

I have been a part of Double Dutch teams since I was 8 years old. I have competed in high school competitions and have since then, played every summer for the past 4 years at Union Square park where I have taught this game to countless tourists as well as locals. But if you really are interested in this class let my skills speak for themselves. I will give a brief demonstration of my capabilities at the start of the first class.

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